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Cartoon characters may seem cute with large, protruding ears, but men and women who are unhappy with their ears think otherwise. If your ears protrude too far or maintain an irregular, unnatural shape, there is hope. Dr. Eric Cerrati, with offices in South Jordan and Salt Lake City, offers ear reshaping plastic surgery to create a balanced appearance of which you can be proud. Ears are a defining feature that must be handled carefully. Dr. Cerrati has the skill and technique to gently reshape your ears to a more natural and beautiful state.

Ear reshaping involves removing or reshaping the cartilage of the ears to form them to a suitable shape that fits well with your overall appearance. Incisions are made behind the ear to hide the signs of surgery and promote fast healing. Bandages must be worn a few days after surgery and a protective headband may be prescribed for bedtime wear to protect your ears. Dr. Cerrati will give you more detailed instructions after performing your ear reshaping surgery.

Utah Aesthetic Reshaping for a Balanced Look

Children are especially prone to be cruel with their peers over appearances, and misshapen ears are likely targets for ridicule. Instead of growing longer hair or wearing hats, speak with Dr. Cerrati about ear reshaping surgery for your child. This is not an uncommon request, and children as young as five or six have undergone ear reshaping surgery in complete safety. Parents should measure the trade-off between cosmetic surgery or a lifetime of insensitive remarks and ridicule.

To discuss the particulars of ear reshaping plastic surgery for you or your child, call either of our Utah offices or complete the online contact form to schedule an ear surgery consultation with Dr. Cerrati. He can explain your options and put your mind at ease with answers to your questions.

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Based on 32 reviews
Justin G.

Dr. Cerrati is AMAZING at what he does! He is very professional, personable, and always makes sure you are comfortable during your procedures. After seeing 3 other physicians and having procedures done to help open my nasal passages, Dr. Cerrati came up with a different solution that actually worked. He is very meticulous and precise with all of his work and my facial injections were nearly painless. He does great work, I highly recommend!

Dustee L.

Dr. Cerrati, Nani and the entire staff made my day today! I put my wallet on the hood of my car and drove off with it there on my way to my appointment this morning. By the time I realized what I had done my wallet was long gone. I ended up being 20 minutes late for my appointment (which I absolutely hate) and the staff was nothing but understanding and so so nice when I told them what happened. It was my first experience in the office but absolutely not my last! Not only am I impressed with the way I was treated but they did an amazing job!! My appointment was short and sweet with a job well done and I couldn't help but leave with happy tears in my eyes. Kind people are the best!!!

Hunter G.

Dr. Cerrati is absolutely amazing! I was so happy with my fillers that I received. Definitely will be returning to him again! I trust him and recommended him 100% to all my family and friends. He always does his best to make sure his patients come out with the best possible outcome!

Cara T.

I had rhinoplasty with Dr. Cerrati. From my initial consultation though my follow ups, Dr. Cerrati listened to me. I got the exact result I had hoped for which was quite subtle. My recovery was way better than I expected. I needed one pain pill and was not in much pain at all. His MA came into the office on Xmas Eve to remove my cast so I could be out and about without a cast. I also had very little bruising. His staff is awesome. Haley was so responsive in helping me to schedule surgery. She actually responded to my email at 6:15 am and answered every inquiry I had. I had a nosebleed unrelated to my surgery and Dr. Cerrati made sure to squeeze me in on one of surgery dates just to make sure everything was okay. He is calm, knowledgeable and skilled. I was completely at ease throughout the process. I researched thoroughly before choosing him. I liked that he is younger with updated techniques and that he specializes in facial surgery. Highly recommend.

Brittany H.

I came to see Dr. Cerrati after having a total Thyroidectomy earlier this year. The surgery didn't go as planned and I had to have a few other emergency surgeries right after. The scarring from all the surgeries didn't look very good and I had some tethering underneath that needed to be taken care of. Dr. Cerrati was great about explaining everything that would be done to remove the scar tissue and reclose the skin. I also had lots of anxiety about having another surgery since I had such a bad experience last time. Dr. Cerrati and the staff were very understanding and accommodating about my anxiety. I am very pleased with the way my scar looks now. I am confident that the scar will fade considerably and it will hardly be noticeable. I do feel like there were some communication issues when I would call in but I believe that it was not the doctor's fault and that it was more overall staffing issues. Just make sure you talk to the right people and get the phone numbers for his nurse and then all will go great!

Laurie S.

Dr. Cerrati and his staff are amazing!! They made me feel so comfortable from the start of my appointment. I can already see the results of my Botox and love it!! I definitely recommend him to all my friends!!