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Male Plastic Surgery Salt Lake City UT

When most people think of male plastic surgery, a more masculine aesthetic typically comes to mind. Sharper features, a strong jawline and manly eyes are just some of the enhancements that would achieve such a look. However, not every man is interested in this approach to plastic surgery.

For many men, softer features or a specifically tailored image is preferable to classic masculinity. Dr. Eric Cerrati has the skills and experience to help you reach your unique cosmetic goals. For men who have no desire to conform to the conventional, there are plenty of options to establish individuality.

Benefits of Softening Facial Features

The male nose and cheeks are central facial features that can harden a person’s appearance. If you want to present as more disarming, softening these features is a good place to start. The eyes can also betray your true personality. When other people find you intimidating, stern or disinterested for no good reason, your eyes may hold the key.

A strong jawline has long been thought of as a masculine feature. Sculpting the jawline in a way that creates a desired definition is possible with Dr. Eric Cerrati. Finally, the chin is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to redefining your idea of masculinity. There are procedures that can contour the chin to completely transform facial aesthetics.

Male Plastic Surgery Consultation

Dr. Eric Cerrati would like to invite you to take part in a male plastic surgery consultation. This session presents patients with the opportunity to discuss goals and learn about the benefits of different procedures. You can rely on Dr. Cerrati to guide you on your journey to achieve balanced and symmetrical facial features.

Call our offices today to book a consultation with Dr. Eric Cerrati at his Salt Lake City offices.

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Based on 32 reviews
Christina A.

Choosing Dr. Cerrati to perform my rhinoplasty was the best decision I ever made! I had consultations with many other surgeons and he was who I felt most comfortable with. He really listened to what I wanted and made it look very natural. He fixed my deviated septum and performed some cosmetic work. My recovery was such an easy process! I had 0 pain and minimal bruising. I love the outcome of my nose, both functionally and structurally. I highly recommend Dr. Cerrati, you wont regret it.

Kiera B.

Working with Dr. Cerrati and his assistant Hailey, has been the most wonderful experience! It is clear Dr. Cerrati cares about helping you achieve your dreams and Hailey is the sweetest, most helpful & awesome gal ever! They both spent so much time listening and understanding exactly what I wanted done with my nose and forehead and spent time making sure I was cared for and heard. I love my results and am so happy that I chose to go with this team. I plan to continue using them for my lip and cheek injection and suggesting them to all my friends moving forward- I am soo happy I found them!

Heather J.

I would highly recommend Dr. Cerrati based on my experience with both him and his office staff. He is very professional and a perfectionist When it comes to his patients results. I researched several surgeons, and ultimately decided on Dr. Cerrati based on his reviews and before and after pictures. One month post rhinoplasty, I am no longer self conscious. I’m loving my results ( and I’m very picky) . If anyone is worried , rest assured you Will love Dr. Cerrati and his staff!

Justin G.

Dr. Cerrati is AMAZING at what he does! He is very professional, personable, and always makes sure you are comfortable during your procedures. After seeing 3 other physicians and having procedures done to help open my nasal passages, Dr. Cerrati came up with a different solution that actually worked. He is very meticulous and precise with all of his work and my facial injections were nearly painless. He does great work, I highly recommend!

Dustee L.

Dr. Cerrati, Nani and the entire staff made my day today! I put my wallet on the hood of my car and drove off with it there on my way to my appointment this morning. By the time I realized what I had done my wallet was long gone. I ended up being 20 minutes late for my appointment (which I absolutely hate) and the staff was nothing but understanding and so so nice when I told them what happened. It was my first experience in the office but absolutely not my last! Not only am I impressed with the way I was treated but they did an amazing job!! My appointment was short and sweet with a job well done and I couldn't help but leave with happy tears in my eyes. Kind people are the best!!!

Hunter G.

Dr. Cerrati is absolutely amazing! I was so happy with my fillers that I received. Definitely will be returning to him again! I trust him and recommended him 100% to all my family and friends. He always does his best to make sure his patients come out with the best possible outcome!