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The conditions that lead to getting rhinoplasty, or a nose job, are varied. One of the more popular conditions is saddle nose. When the bridge of the nose collapses, a profile view shows a saddle shape or scooped look in the midsection of the nose. Whether through injury, drug use, previous surgeries or a medical condition, this deformity is noticeable and can affect an individual’s self-confidence as well as interfere with proper nasal functioning.

The nasal framework can be repaired and strengthened in order to restore adequate function and an aesthetically appealing look. This condition should be addressed as early as possible to prevent more serious complications from developing. Dr. Eric Cerrati provides excellent care in treating saddle nose.

An Ancient Condition

Saddle nose has been around for centuries. In fact, the first known documentation of this condition was written on an ancient Egyptian papyrus scroll. Now known as the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus, this document describes the diagnosis and treatment of saddle nose among other medical conditions.

Apparently, saddle nose was also treated around 800 BC according to a document purported to be foundational to the traditional system of medicine in the east known as Ayurveda. The Sushruta Samhita was written around this time and in it is the description of the process of nasal reconstruction.

Advances in Techniques and Technology

Diagnosis of nasal deformity and reconstruction also appears in documentation from 16th century Italy. Tagliacozzi of Bologna was the last known person to write about this condition and its treatment until the 1840s. During this time, the German surgeon Dr. Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach specialized in plastic surgery. Among the reconstructive surgeries he performed was nasal deformity repair. He created many techniques that are still used today in rhinoplasty and maxillofacial surgery.

With advancements in technology and tools, rhinoplasty, along with other surgeries, has seen improvement in the surgical procedure itself, faster healing and more desirable results. Saddle nose is a condition that detracts from your appearance, but more importantly, can lead to breathing problems.

Get more information on available options for nasal repair and reconstruction by contacting Dr. Cerrati today. Schedule your consultation appointment and prepare to look your best.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Eric Cerrati, Facial Plastic Surgery

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Ling W.

Eric is such a great doctor! He treated me as family and was very thorough and diligent. I was very nervous but he made me feel comfortable at all times especially when undertaking a 7 hour surgery. I flew in all the way from the East Coast to see him as I heard he was the best in his field. His staff is friendly and caring. You can tell he has a good heart. I recommend!

Elizabeth M.

I am one month out from my procedure with Dr. Cerrati and could not be happier with my results. From my initial inquiry to today, both the doctor and the staff could not have been more helpful. Dr. Cerrati has a wonderful team that makes scheduling, payments, and follow up questions easy. The doctor himself is attentive, happy to answer questions and did a great job of listening to my concerns and ideas, while presenting his professional opinion in a respectful and helpful way. My recovery was a breeze, thanks to his careful techniques. At just one month, I am seeing a drastic improvement in both form and function. So thankful to have Dr. Cerrati based in my home of Utah, but I would have traveled across the country to see him!

Cinaman A.

Dr. Cerrati performed a facelift (w/ neck tightening), upper and lower blepharoplasty, and CO2 laser resurfacing for me in February 2021. I’m 3.5 months post op and the results have exceeded all my expectations; beyond what I ever could have imagined. I experienced minimal pain, swelling and bruising, after my 8 hour surgery and was ready to be seen in public in less than 10 days. Dr. Cerrati and his team are without question, second to none in their field. I have been treated with nothing but the utmost professionalism, compassion, patience, kindness and unconditional support from the beginning of my journey to today. Any questions or concerns I have ever expressed have ALWAYS been given the utmost respect and Dr. Cerrati pays attention to every detail in his patient care. His artistic talent and surgical skills are remarkable. In my opinion, he is a truly gifted plastic surgeon. The best you’ll find in the industry. If you’re considering any facial plastics procedures, Dr. Cerrati, and his team, is the place to come, even if it means traveling to do so. Thank you so much for changing my life for the better and giving me back my self confidence that I was sure I’d lost forever.

Christina A.

Choosing Dr. Cerrati to perform my rhinoplasty was the best decision I ever made! I had consultations with many other surgeons and he was who I felt most comfortable with. He really listened to what I wanted and made it look very natural. He fixed my deviated septum and performed some cosmetic work. My recovery was such an easy process! I had 0 pain and minimal bruising. I love the outcome of my nose, both functionally and structurally. I highly recommend Dr. Cerrati, you wont regret it.

Kiera B.

Working with Dr. Cerrati and his assistant Hailey, has been the most wonderful experience! It is clear Dr. Cerrati cares about helping you achieve your dreams and Hailey is the sweetest, most helpful & awesome gal ever! They both spent so much time listening and understanding exactly what I wanted done with my nose and forehead and spent time making sure I was cared for and heard. I love my results and am so happy that I chose to go with this team. I plan to continue using them for my lip and cheek injection and suggesting them to all my friends moving forward- I am soo happy I found them!

Heather J.

I would highly recommend Dr. Cerrati based on my experience with both him and his office staff. He is very professional and a perfectionist When it comes to his patients results. I researched several surgeons, and ultimately decided on Dr. Cerrati based on his reviews and before and after pictures. One month post rhinoplasty, I am no longer self conscious. I’m loving my results ( and I’m very picky) . If anyone is worried , rest assured you Will love Dr. Cerrati and his staff!